164. Powering Up Our Midlife with Sara Smeaton

"Midlife is a unique time in our life when we have the same amount of experience behind us as we have possibilities ahead of us. It can be the most powerful time of our life." — Sara Smeaton
  • Why our midlife can be the most powerful years of our life
  • Strong habits that we can develop so we can not just enjoy but thrive in midlife
  • Practical applications of these habits in our day-to-day
  • Common situations where we can feel resistance as we apply these habits
Sara Smeaton is a certified coach, writer, workshop and group leader, and creator of the interview series, Power Profiles: Redefining Midlife. She is determined to challenge the narrative that in midlife, and beyond, we are too old to have new adventures, romance, vitality and health, and to make meaningful contributions.

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164. Powering Up Our Midlife with Sara Smeaton
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